If you do not have any med pay coverage or have used it all and still have medical expenses, in most cases, your health insurance coverage will apply.

However, you will be responsible for paying any deductibles and co-pays associated with your care, just as if they were not accident related.

If you were to win in court or receive a settlement, it is important to note that if your health insurance company paid on any of the claims, they have a subrogation right to any monies paid to you.

Dealing with all of the ins and outs after a car accident can be quite a hassle. Knowing the policies that you have and their limits can help you prepare for an event when you need to utilize them.

Med pay is set up to make it more convenient for those people who are injured in an accident to get reimbursed for their care. To get the best rates on your auto insurance policy, check out an online comparison calculator.

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