The insurance adjuster for the party at fault is not your friend. They have their insured’s best interest in mind. Accordingly, here are some tips to follow:

  1. If the adjuster wants your recorded statement,  request that it be mutual. In furtherance of that, request a copy of their insured’s statement.
  1. To determine if the adjuster will cooperate with you, ask him or her to admit that their driver was totally at fault.
  1. Request the driver at-fault’s policy limits which will determine if they further wish to cooperate.
  1. The adjusters will be extremely friendly, the main reason being that you may not have an attorney. They have been trained to settle for as little as possible. If your economic losses (lost wages, etc) are high and/or non-economic losses (permanency, pain and suffering) are also significant, you may wish to at least discuss the proposed settlement with an attorney before you settle and sign the release.
  1. When you deal with the adjuster always confirm and communicate in writing (e-mail). Also, give little information about your injuries in fear you might not know your whole medical situation at the time.
  1. There are exceptions– If you have minor property damage, little or no injuries and the other driver is 100% at fault, you might be able to get the claim settled rather quickly.

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