It is important to remember that most of the premium costs are associated with the State minimums ($25,000/$50,000). Let’s say your premium is $600 for the minimums. You can purchase 4 times that amount ($100,000/$300,000) for only twice the premium ($1,200). The sales agent does not really push this fact because the premiums are not that much higher for the risk involved (4 times the coverage).

You should check with your insurance agent and your local laws to be sure you are buying all the coverage you need and want to have. To make the best decision and be informed here are the different coverage types available to you:

  • LiabilityLiability coverage is required in most states. This is the least amount of coverage available. Liability only covers any damage you cause to another person’s vehicle or property. It will not cover any damage to your own vehicle or medical payments. There are two parts to liability coverage; bodily injury liability and property damage liability. Minimum 25,000/per Person/50,000 Total.
  • Collision – Collision coverage covers your car if it is damaged in an accident with another vehicle, or any other object, such as a brick wall, curb, or fire hydrant. It is not a legal requirement, however, if you have a loan on your vehicle, your bank may require you to have it.
  • Comprehensive – Comprehensive coverage is for events that do not involve a collision, such as vandalism or theft. It can also be used in the event of a fire, encounters with wildlife or a natural disaster. Like collision coverage, it is not legally required, though if you have a loan on the vehicle the lender may require you to purchase it.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist – This type of coverage will provide for expenses if you are hit by another driver who does not have auto insurance or the appropriate amounts of coverage. Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage is mandated by law in some states. This should always be done. Do not waive it in writing.
  • Medical Payments – Coverage for medical payments, also commonly known as Med Pay or MPC, will provide for medical payments for you and your passengers if you and your passengers if you need medical attention after an accident. States have varying laws regarding this type of coverage. Minimum is 15,000. Do not waive it.
  • Property damage$15,000. These days for damage to the Property of others by you or your vehicle.

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