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If you have been injured in an auto-accident, your world has been turned upside down. Between the pain caused by your injury, and the worries about your future, the situation can feel overwhelming. Try not to worry. Our team of chiropractors and attorneys will support you in every step of your recovery.

It is very important to have strong communication between your legal and health care teams for many reasons. That is why Malman Law Firm has developed strong relationships with the most experienced chiropractors in Colorado. These professionals know how to help your body heal, and they know all the tests and documentation that are necessary to maximize your settlement.

Our Approach

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Initial Consultation

After your injury, it may be difficult to travel. Our legal team will visit your home for a complimentary consultation or you are welcome to meet at our office if you prefer.

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Treat Pain

It's our role to support your recovery and ease your worries. An early priority for our chiropractor team is to treat any pain and discomfort as they begin your treatment.

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Share Documentation

We work together to compile Auto Insurance Declarations and other documentation to plan for your treatment and maximize your financial recovery.

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Order Tests

Our legal and chiropractic teams know what types of tests need to be conducted in order to assess the full extent of your injury for treatment and insurance settlements.

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Doctor Referrals

Oftentimes the injured party will be referred to specialists like an orthopedist or neurologist to provide expert opinions on the scope and long term effects of the injury.

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Our legal team works closely with your medical providers to ensure there are no gaps in treatment, and that your recovery is progressing as expected.

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Our legal team maximizes the financial recovery from the insurance companies through diligent negotiations, lawsuits, mediation and taking the case to trial if need be.

Request Consultation

If you or a loved one has been in an accident that resulted in personal injury, don’t hesitate, reach out to our team for your chiropractic and legal consultations.
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“There were so many firms to choose from and the Malman Law Firm was the one that everything seemed perfect. The staff was knowledgeable and caring. I had a great rapport with Jerry. I felt like family and as though I was of such importance that I had nothing to worry about.”

– Marcie R.

“Very friendly and knowledgeable. Highly experienced attorneys who are happy to answer questions and make you feel like you matter.”

– Jennifer R.

"Jerry Malman help me with a PI case after an accident. He did a wonderful job, treated me with kindness and compassion and won the case in my favor. I'm very appreciative of the help he gave me."

– Sharon K.

"Jerry did an excellent job for us. He took on a case that another attorney would not, and he believed in us from the start. He provided guidance and patience throughout the long litigation journey. He stuck by us through thick and thin and got us a maximum settlement. I would highly recommend Jerry if you want a caring, diligent and honest attorney."

– Jack H.

"MLF is absolutely a professional practice, and the minute you start engaging with them you get that sense of assurance that they know what they are doing and they will do everything to get your case settled amicably for you. We were kept abreast all through our two separate cases with them and we would definitely engage them in the future, should that need arise. We highly recommend their legal services."

– Mpho M.

"My experience with Jerry Malman and his Staff have been professional and knowledgeable. As I recovered from injuries incurred as a result of a traffic accident, I was assisted from the Malman Law Firm in order to reach a fair settlement, and was regularly updated in terms of the status of the case. Hands down, my experience has been extremely positive, and I would recommend the firm to anyone!"

– Cindy H.

Client Testimonials

Nothing is more satisfying than the feedback we receive from our clients after helping them overcome a tough time in their lives. Our firm was built on word-of-mouth so we always appreciate when we come highly recommended.

Case Results




Our clients’ vehicle was struck from behind by an eighteen-wheeler truck.




An unmarked vehicle blocking the highway at night caused a severe injury.




$300,000 settlement offer was rejected and the jury awarded $2,700,000.

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