If you have been involved in a Colorado motorcycle accident, you may be wondering whether you need a lawyer. After all, you only need to call the police and your insurance company, then let them take care of everything. Simple.


Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents and their consequences do not often go away so easily. A lot of the time, they turn out to be quite complicated legal cases. And even though only 3% of these cases go to trial, you will face enough of a battle with the insurance claims settlement process alone.

The simple truth is there is no law requiring you to hire competent legal counsel. But making the decision to hire an experienced Colorado motorcycle accident lawyer can often be the difference between failure and the outcome you desire.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to call a motorcycle accident lawyer in the immediate aftermath of an accident.

#1: A Colorado motorcycle accident lawyer has the skill and experience to help you

Why do you go to a dentist when you have a problem with your teeth? Most likely because you know they’re capable of making all the pain go away. In the same vein, lawyers are specially trained to deeply understand the areas of the law that concern you.

A skilled and experienced Colorado motorcycle accident lawyer offers you immense advantage. This is quite simply because they have seen and done everything you want a few thousand times.

For instance, our motorcycle accident lawyers at Malman Law Firm have over 40 years combined experience amongst them. It is quite unlikely that your motorcycle accident will throw up facts they have never encountered before. Even if that is the case, you can rely on their deep knowledge of personal injury law to navigate the uncertain waters of your unique case.

#2: You will need swift and competent advice immediately after the accident

The immediate aftermath of a motorcycle accident can often be like the calm before a storm. It is in this period that you have the best chance to decide on a solid course of action and provide a strong foundation for your claim.

Make no mistake about it. Neither the at-fault party nor their insurer will accept to pay you a dime if they can get away with it. They will much rather attack your claim than accept liability.

This is why the way you plan your case will be crucial to its overall success. You deserve to recover compensation for the injury or damage done to you. But you may significantly hurt your chances of recovering anything if you don’t obtain sound legal advice.

Apart from setting up your claim, accidents throw up a lot of ancillary issues. For instance, pending recovery of compensation, you will likely wonder how your medical bills will be paid. If you were still owing on your motorcycle when the accident happened, issues could crop up as to how the accident affects your finance. This would especially be the case if the motorcycle got totaled. A skilled motorcycle accident lawyer will help you understand these issues and what you can do about them.

#3: Motorcyclists end up being blamed for accidents. Your lawyer will help you beat this stereotype

An unfortunate narrative that often emerges in motorcycle accident cases is the stereotype that the biker owns the fault. Due to the general notion that motorcyclists live on the edge, involved parties may simply assume that you were either entirely at fault or share in the fault.

You may have already experienced this negative bias personally. It could be in the off-hand remarks from responding officers, or the close questioning you receive on your part in the accident.

While the bias is often unintentional, it can significantly harm your case if allowed to continue. But a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer will already be prepared to combat this bias.

Your lawyer will look for and emphasize those facts that are most likely to represent the full picture. This is one of the areas we especially focus on at Malman Law Firm. We believe that there are always two sides to a story and our mission is to ensure that your side gets heard.

#4: Motorcycle accident claims can be tricky

After your motorcycle accident occurs, you will receive calls from insurance loss adjusters seeking to understand what happened. Do not speak to them until you have consulted with a lawyer.

The reason for this is nobody is really on your side, except your lawyer. So when you speak to them before receiving proper advice as to your rights, you may say something that terribly affects your case. For instance, statements like “I should have been more careful” or “I’m much better now” can come back to hurt your claim pretty bad.

Apart from this, the process of making and defending your claim will require a lot of meticulous planning and execution. You will need to provide a lot of documentation and evidence for the claim you are filing. If you file the claim without adequate proof, there is a much higher risk that the insurance company will overawe you.

In truth, having a tested and acclaimed motorcycle accident lawyer can smoothen out your claims process. Certain lawyers and law firms, like Malman Law Firm, are already recognized by insurers as being aggressive advocates of their clients’ cases. These are the lawyers they fear and it’s exactly those lawyers you need on your side.

#5: Your lawyer is your best bet to getting the compensation you deserve

When all is said and done, the conclusion is pretty simple. If you want the best possible chance at obtaining the outcome you desire, you will be best served by contacting qualified legal counsel.

Drawing on their experience, your lawyer will represent you aggressively at the negotiating table. One tactic that insurance companies often use is to offer a settlement amount that seems reasonable on its face. But most of the time, the offer severely undercuts what you should be receiving as compensation.

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer will immediately see the holes in the offer and insist on a better deal for you. And if the insurance company decides to play hardball, you will have the added advantage of a lawyer that is prepared to fight your case in court.

Insurance companies would rather settle than go to court. That is why only 3% of claims in civil court go to trial. When they meet a lawyer that is not afraid to go to court, they will be much more open to settling at or reasonably close to the figure you want.

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